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Summer is “B” time! All the important B’s- B’s, Back yard, BBQ, and Bathing Suits. The problem, of course, is that too much of the other B’s tends to make the Bathing Suit look, not so Be-eautiful. I can’t help it; I love BBQ-ing in the summertime.

Thanks to George W and Mike H, I have been grilling all sorts of peppers and other veggies I never have before grilled. My hot dogs, burgers, sausages and such have been supplemented by Mike W’s contributions of fish and deer. Does it get any better?

So, I’ve been trying some new techniques, ingredients and recipes. And I have been having a lot of fun doing so. The saying, Variety Is The Spice Of Life, really is true. Mixing things up a bit, makes life exciting and interesting.

God loves variety. Look at the variety in the creation around you. It’s even more apparent during the summer time when we tend to spend a little more time “looking out from lofty grandeur” and “wandering through the woods and forest glades” and listening to “the birds sing sweetly in the trees”. The variety, uniqueness, and beauty add to the fullness of the human experience.

Hey, why not try something new this summer? Try camping, if you never have (I have and I prefer camping at the Holiday Inn, Daytona Beach, 7th floor looking out over the ocean waves rolling in). Or maybe try a concert in the park. Or laying on a blanket in the back yard at night looking at the stars.

Or, here’s a radical idea- if you go the Traditional service, why not try the Contemporary service? (or visa-versa). Hey, how about shaking hands on a Sunday morning with someone you’ve never (yet) met. OR, Super-Radical idea- bring someone to church with this Sunday.

Whatever it is, enjoy the variety!
Bar-B-Que-ing and loving it!

Pastor Paul

Enthusiastic Anticipation

So, the other day I slept in a bit. It was about 8AM, a little later than normal for me. Sue had gotten up some time earlier and was watching Windy City Live having her wake-up diet Cherry Pepsi. The dogs were in the kitchen, awaiting their breakfast, my coffee and Fox News; we (the dogs and I) prefer “fair and balanced”.

In any case, they were extremely happy to see me-tails wagging and lots of loud barking. This is how they greet me any time we’ve been apart; Like they are happy, surprised, overjoyed that I’m there and not laying dead in some ditch somewhere It gives me the sense that their world revolves around seeing me and spending time with me. I like that feeling.

While they were finishing their dessert (water drained off the top of each of their bowls), I went to touch base with Sue regarding the events of the day-Dr. appointments, meetings, etc… I was gone all of five minutes.

When I returned to the kitchen, the dogs acted like they had not seen me in hours, days, but not necessarily want early in the morning. My point is… they are always truly excited to see me and reserve nothing in their expression of that excitement/joy/love/etc…

God shows up on Sundays. Every Sunday when 2 or 3 of us gather together in Jesus’ name, He’s there. And what He brings through the Word and the Sacraments is a whole lot better than the breakfast I toss to my dogs.
So… how come I’m not as excited about Jesus as my dogs are about me? He suffered and died and rose again for me. That’s a lot more than what I do for my dogs. I guess I lack the good sense of a dog. Jesus loves me anyway.

Maybe this Sunday, I’ll get truly excited (tail-waggin’ excited) when Jesus shows up. So don’t be surprised if I’m clapping a little more vigorously, singing (some might call it barking) a little louder, looking a little more happy to be there; I’m just trying to react at least as good as a dog.

Barking and Wagging,

Pastor Paul

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