Clocks and People

I have a clock in my office that I bought at the last “All Grace Outdoor Rummage Sale”. I was informed, as I was hauling it to my office from the front yard of the church, by the members who had donated it, that it wasn’t fully functional (but easily repairable) and that I could have gotten it for free if they’d known “the Pastor” was going to buy it.

“It’s OK”, I said. “I only want it for its looks.” Did I forget to mention that it’s a really cool gold-framed mirror-background clock? Well, it is; and that’s pretty much why I bought it.

“I don’t mind spending the ($10 or $20, I forget) money”. “It’s going to a good cause.” (We gave the rummage proceeds to Missions). “Besides, it is right two times every day!” Ha! Ha!” Ya’ just gotta’ love that pastoral humor, don’t ya’?

When you’ve finished laughing… (just give it time…)

Consider this…

God loves us and paid a tremendous price to (redeem) buy us back; the torture and death of Jesus on Calvary’s cross. And we don’t even look that good most of the time! Sure, every once in a while we can look all “gold and mirror flashy”, but the truth is, we’re really pretty messed up (in thought, speech and actions). And we might be “right” (in thought, speech and actions) more than twice a day, but usually not much more.

Oh… and think on this….

God didn’t purchase us just so we can hang in His office to be admired (OK, I still don’t have it hung on the wall, but you get my point!); No, He bought us so that He can make us fully functional. Luther said it this way:

Jesus … has purchased me, a lost and condemned creature; not with gold or silver but with His holy precious blood and innocent suffering and death… that I may be His own and live under Him in His Kingdom and serve Him in everlasting righteousness, innocence and blessedness…

Gotta’ Go; my wristwatch tells me it’s time for Confirmation Class,
Pastor Paul

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