Pocket Full of Memories

Yesterday, I wore a sport coat I hadn’t worn in a while. I guess the last time I wore it was before the GraceGifts Banquet, ’cause when I put my hand in the side pocket I came up with fistful of Banquet tickets I had been pushing. It made me smile when I thought of the Banquet and the great night it was.

You ever do that? Reach into your pocket and come out with a little happy surprise? Often accompanied by a memory?

Sometimes I’ll pull twenty dollarsĀ out of a pair of pants I haven’t worn in a long while; I know it’s been a long while ’cause the pants have shrunk and twenties are much more scarce these days. That’s like a “little lotto”!

But so is finding a matchbook from the restaurant where I took Sue for her birthday a few years back. I had a dozen roses brought out from the kitchen with each course of the meal (you can do stuff like that when both your sons work at that restaurant and, of course, you buy and deliver the roses yourself earlier that day; and, of course, it was back in the day when those twenties weren’t so scarce!). The matchbook was priceless as it flooded me with a wealth of emotion.

Most of the time, I find receipts. If it’s for something I bought for church, I try to remember to put it in the envelope I have for church expenses to get reimbursed. If it’s personal, it goes into a different envelope (Sue’s desk). Sometimes I forget to do that. Often, I find the same receipt two or three times before it gets to the right place.

Sometimes, I’ll reach into a pocket and find a funeral card. It usually doesn’t make me sad, though, ’cause usually the funeral was a celebration of that person’s life and I talked to the folks there a lot about Jesus and trusting in Him for forgiveness and eternal life. Plus, it reminds me that I’m also mortal and I should make the most of each day given to me- Each day is an opportunity to “make a memory” that may be earmarked by a photo or a receipt or a matchbook or something.

Sunday was a great day, with the baptism of Doug and Barb Pelt’s son, Brandon. Doug is our Music Minister at Grace and Barb is his better half, in case you didn’t know. It was one of those days where a schlub like me feels incredibly humble and grateful to be a pastor surrounded by such gifted and kind people. The Pelt clan and friends went to Pilot Pete’s afterward.

I hope I remembered to get matches on the way out. It’ll be a pleasant surprise somewhere down the road of life.
Pastor Paul

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