Rev. Paul Cutler

A main component of our Sunday worship services is the weekly sermon, or message, delivered by Pastor Paul.

Visit the messages page

We record the sermons and post them online in mp3 format. Actually, we have been publishing the weekly sermons digitally for over five years! All messages include Biblical teaching, relevance to your life, and themes of hope and love. Listen online now or download them to your computer or mp3 player.

We post the sermons in mp3 format on a separate blog. The most recent messages are visible on the main page, but you can explore the various Categories for topics that interest you, browse the chronological Archive organized by month and year, or Search for messages by entering keywords.

Individual sermons can be found on a wide variety of subjects. Pastor Paul will often explore broader topics or Series over the course of several weeks. These series can be found online by Category, and some series are professionally packaged and available on CD in the church building.

All messages are available for download to your computer and portable media device or mp3 player. You can even burn CDs of your favorite messages and share them with friends and family! If you use iTunes, you can visit our page directly by clicking this iTunes link.

You may also subscribe to the sermons in iTunes by going to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast…, and entering our sermon URL:

Click here to browse and listen to Pastor Paul’s messages

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